The Deep River mission is to guide you along a unique path to produce your vision for a truly extraordinary home. While the complexity of every project differs, the journey of designing, documenting and building is organized to specific steps, integrating architecture, interior design, and furnishings into a seamless whole. Through the success of this Pathway, your vision for “home” is realized, and an enriched lifestyle is inspired.


In Discovery, our goal is to gain a firm understanding of you and your property– your daily routines, what brings you joy, and how you live.

We listen carefully to obtain a clear picture of who you are and the lifestyle you desire. We uncover opportunities and gain an understanding of the spirit of your property. Through a series of discovery sessions we identify your project goals. We focus discussion on the property, the architectural style, and the desired rooms, as well as spatial functions and requirements, interior themes and color/material preferences.

While guiding you along this pathway, the essence of you and a vision of your home are revealed. We begin to see how your new design will encourage you to flourish. To prepare for this journey, some bring a blank page and an open mind.  Many people gather pictures that appeal to them. We use idea files to guide you along the journey of discovery that leads us to fulfilling your requests for your new home.  In addition, we document all the necessary property, existing building, and municipality information.    

With our completed assessment, we are equipped to create a design vision that is an accurate reflection of you, a design that requires little modification and one that moves efficiently into the next step of design.


  • discovery sessions
  • architectural style
  • interior themes
  • site analysis
  • survey / soil analysis
  • code research
  • existing structure documentation


We approach the design vision through your eyes and we create a visual presentation that clearly delineates all of the design concepts.

Our personalized pathway ensures that the design vision is guided solely by a clear understanding of who you are and how you want your home to function and feel. Your words, images, and personalities blend with our talents and experience to bring your home to life in a tangible way. Presenting rendered site and floor plans, we enable you to understand the flow of the property, the individual rooms, and their relation to each other. You see furnishings, window locations, flooring materials, cabinetry locations, plumbing fixtures, appliance locations and our vision of ceiling design. To complete the picture, a three-dimensional animated movie conveys the architectural style, materials and color palette. Design elements, while in their infancy, are now on paper so you can begin to understand what it will feel like to be home. The collaboration between you and our design team continues as we work with you to fine tune the design and find a balance between discovery needs, budget, aesthetics, style, and site development.


  • design vision
  • site analysis and design
  • floor plan design
  • exterior finish concepts
  • three-dimensional animated movies
  • detailed budgeting analysis


The design pathway is where architectural and interior components are further defined and detailed, interacting together to create your new home.

Building on the design vision, the Deep River design team crafts thematic decisions with the appropriate selections of all the components, including exterior materials, lighting, cabinetry, millwork, and interior finishes. Each decision is guided by your insight and supports your home’s spirit. The information we gather during the prior discovery phases provides us with the tools needed to assemble the components in a way that makes your house a home. During this phase, you are part of a series of meetings to review all aspects of the project, inside and out, that work together to establish the themes that reflect your persona. Deep River Partners includes you as an integral part of the team and values your input and dialogue. Together with your preferences and our design expertise, we develop the design along a thorough all-inclusive journey.


  • thematic decisions
  • interior and exterior development drawings
  • finish selection samples and review booklets
  • consultant proposals
  • lighting concepts


Producing a comprehensive plan for the work ensures a successful outcome.

Design solutions from structural, lighting, HVAC, audio-visual, and landscape experts are integrated into the plans. The drawings, specifications, and finish schedules serve as legal documents, instructing contractors how your house will be built, with what materials, and to what level of quality. These documents help prevent omissions and miscommunication with the contractors. They promote fairness and efficiency. Clear documents lower “added” costs and reduce your risk during construction. The documents ensure that multiple bidders are pricing exactly the same thing – nothing is left to chance or interpretation, guaranteeing the best market value for your construction dollar.


  • consultant integration
  • drawings / details
  • specifications
  • finish schedules


Deep River Partners takes a proactive approach to obtain costs for your project. A detailed and competitive bidding process assures the best value at every level.

Utilizing longstanding relationships and researching contractor qualifications, we solicit competitive bids for general contracting services as well as all subcontracted work. All bids are compiled and organized showing a thorough analysis of costs, timeline, and qualifications from which we recommend a team to build your project. Our architects and interior designers recognize that the success of a project is dependent upon selecting quality contractors. Our pathway produces fixed cost contracts that provide you protection during construction. During bidding, we are securing permits with local and state municipalities to ensure construction is able to swiftly begin once the build team is selected.


  • permit applications and review
  • competitive bidding documents
  • contractor qualifications
  • bid requests to general contractors and specialty contractors
  • thorough bid analysis
  • contract review and execution for all disciplines


Deep River Partners continues to lead the project through the construction phase including move-in and warranty administration. Acting as your representative, we provide streamlined communication between all parties involved.

Our performance of detailed site observations at critical bench marks monitors how your home is being built according to the project documents and where progress is at compared to the established contractual timeline. Assisting the contractors in interpreting two dimensional documents into the built reality is a high priority during this phase. Contractor submittals are required and reviewed by our architectural and interior team to protect the design intent and quality levels specified. We review all requests for change from the contractors, leading conflict resolution in a professional and fair manner. Deep River monitors and reviews all payment requests, checking work completion and document compliance. Your financial interests are secure with our in-depth review. Prior to move in, we perform punch list and close out procedures in a thorough and orderly fashion. Deep River’s involvement during construction generates a smooth transition from documentation and contracts to the completion of your new home – complete with furniture, furnishings and art – ready for your move-in.


  • site observations
  • contractor questions
  • contractor submittals
  • requests for change
  • payment requests
  • review contractor timelines
  • punch list / warranty


Selecting furniture, fabric, area rugs, window treatments, and accessories means the addition of key elements that make this house your “home”.

Whether you like to include several existing furniture pieces, or a singular prized possession, our Interior Designers will collaborate with you to determine the best location and offer the most useful solutions for your lifestyle. While selecting furnishings we contemplate the aesthetic and functional intentions for each room. Do the fabrics require kid-friendly finishes or eco-conscious materials? How can the furniture forms reinforce the architectural and interior details, and the textile choices enhance the interior themes? We collectively consider and determine the most appropriate ensembles of furnishings. We create surroundings where color, texture, and light augment the architectural and interior themes and elevate your spirit.


  • furniture layout and plans
  • budget development
  • furniture, fabric, area rugs, window treatments, & accessories selection
  • furnishings samples and review booklets
  • product procurement, receiving, delivery and installation
  • move in coordination and furnishings installation

“They put in the work to create a thoughtful and client-centric pathway, making it enjoyable for me to be involved while working and living out of town.”