Poolside Pergola

Tudor Pool Pergola Addition, Whitefish Bay, WI

Architecture & Interior Design

Poolside lifestyle is enhanced by a structure that is artfully crafted, while promoting a defined respite and escape.

Design Inspiration

Complementing the existing 1920s Tudor residence, the Pavilion creates a sense of place around the sunken pool terrace. Diffusing the sunlight, the slatted roof mirrors the clay tile roof of the original residence.

Distinctive Features

Chamfered timbered columns and brackets support the arbor structure culminating in copper roof finials. The rhythm of sculptured rafter tails and play of shadow patterns activate the visual sense of this outdoor living area. Flanking planters give way to softening greenery soon to climb up the trellises and overhead arbor.

“The pergola is fabulous, and we are delighted with the finished product. It is a complete reimagination of the pool deck – and the feature that was missing for decades! As an architectural structure, it is beautiful in all seasons.”