Poolside Pavilion

Transitional Pool Outdoor Living, Mequon, WI


Through fully integrated architecture and landscape design, this rear yard becomes a pool paradise.

Lifestyle Considerations

An 18 foot by 36 foot pool is the centerpiece of this luxury outdoor entertainment space. More areas for recreation and enjoyment surround the pool, including a covered pavilion, a dining terrace complete with grill area, and an open air lounge.  Formal gardens outline and define each “outdoor room”, creating a park-like, picturesque setting that showcases the owner’s love of gardening. Seen as an opportunity, the challenge of the existing site’s sloping topography is used to create a design feature.  The pavilion, dining terrace, and lounge are raised above the pool on a plateau, creating dramatic views of the pool below.  They connect to the existing home by being adjacent to and at the same elevation as the home’s sun room and kitchen, letting the outdoor rooms feel like extensions of the indoor living areas.  The retaining wall, at the face of the plateau, doubles as a seat wall.

Design Vision

The pool and pavilion center on the rear facade of the home to set up a traditional feel to the rear yard.  This central organization creates a springboard for other symmetrically designed features like retaining walls with planter beds, steps to the pool, pathways and pavers, water jets on both sides of the pool, and gardens. The pavilion overlooks the pool and furthers the classic look by being supported with traditional columns at its corners.  Warm paint color selections along with a stained mahogany ceiling panel create coziness and intimacy in this space.  Natural light floods into the pavilion with a centrally located half-round window, which focuses the users’ view to the pool and vistas overlooking the whole rear yard.


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