Art Glass Pool

Colonial Pool House Addition, Fox Point, WI

Architecture & Interior Design

Lifestyle Considerations

The goal of the project was to create a functional lap pool addition for exercise. It was also important to design the pool house as a social destination with connections to the home for personal use and to the main drive for visitors. The design solution utilizes a colonial aesthetic that emulates the existing home. An Entry Rotunda, bathed in natural light, greets the visitor and acts as a connecting link to the main house while giving the addition a detached conservatory feel. Using long lasting, synthetic materials, the design assures less maintenance, far into the future, for this high moisture environment.

Distinctive Features

Free flowing access to the full Wet Bar Beverage area and exterior Sun Terrace adjacent to the indoor Living area promote a social atmosphere that revolves around the pool. The fully appointed Bath and Changing Area provide the upscale amenity of a world class spa to visitors and homeowners alike. French Doors open to the Garden and Terrace, connecting to the Lake view beyond. Upper transom and clerestory windows bathe the interiors with natural light and diminish the separation between indoors and outdoors. Perimeter glass affords views of the extensive lawn and gardens that surround the addition. Inspired by the owner’s passion for art glass, the design incorporates both hanging and underwater glass sculptures. The black plaster pool provides a contrasting back drop for the underwater self-illuminated glass sculptures that emulate a lush coral reef while providing a unique lane marker. The water naturally magnifies this artistic feature, charging the pool area with a lively energy.


Featured on HGTV Cool Pools

“VISION. Their team walked through my house, which was in dire need of some updates and immediately started coming up with a cohesive plan that fit the architectural style of the house.”