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Condominium Remodel

After settling on a space plan, the primary challenge of this condominium remodel was to design a summer home reminiscent of the client’s Georgia home but with a northern, coastal feel.  Multiple themes created the home desired.

Floral Motifs: This was a nod to Southern character and were used throughout the home.  They are most prominently used in the Master Bedroom where layered wallpaper and fabrics wrap the room.  The Guest Bedroom bedding has a playful floral print, used floral artwork on an adjacent wall and had floral window treatment fabric.  A floral wallpaper was used in the Guest Bathroom.

Use of Oak: The finish of the oak dining table was the inspiration for the wood in the palette as it was a piece purchased early before the project planning had begun.  From that, the wood floor was chosen.  Finally, we incorporated a darker gray stain in prominent places such as the beam to the Master suite and in the Master Bathroom cabinets themselves.

Blue and Yellow Color Palette: A variety of blue tones were woven throughout the home along with a main yellow color.  The palette is set off with lots of fresh white to maximize the natural daylight – a challenge in that most all of the windows in the condominium faced south.  The client also liked pink which was used in artworks, Guest Bedroom bedding and accents in the Guest Bath wallpaper.

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