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Kitchen Renovation – Traditional

The home owner’s goal for this project was to create an efficient cooking and entertaining area within the existing space while paying close attention to the historical 1900s Colonial style.  The new plan provides separate zones for entertaining and cooking within the space by using a trough prep sink in the island, cook-top with storage below, separate beverage area, and banquette seating that requires less space than a traditional dining room table.

The new design feels larger by using visual strategies such as employing a dark walnut island focal point with surrounding white cabinetry that expands the space.  The single height island reinforces the openness by eliminating visual interruption.  The faux skylight coffer ceiling over the island and elliptical cutout over the banquette give definition to the zones and lift the perceived height of the ceiling.  Natural light floods the area creating an open and airy feeling.

Building on the home’s historical roots, traditionally designed components of casework, beams, and crown moldings are balanced by modern cleanliness that ensures an open and expansive feel.