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Either indoors or out, pools, spas, and decorative water features add dimension and luxury to any environment. The intrinsic qualities of water are perceived by all of our senses – sight, sound, touch, and smell.

Water features enhance and promote the desired mood of a space, whether it is a tranquil courtyard focused around a central pool reflecting the sky above or a splashing waterfall racing down a textured tile wall. Capturing the movement of water in a variety of ways – overflows, spillways, troughs, or spray jets activate and energize an environment. Keeping water still mirrors its surroundings and supports reflection, contemplation, and peace.

Color changing fiber optic and LED lighting illuminates water from within, enabling the pool to emulate the tranquil aqua of a tropical lagoon or reflect the purple of a desert sky at dusk. Internal lighting may also reveal special underwater features such as a mosaic tile pattern or blown art glass that beckon a coral reef.

Integrating pools within the activity zones of everyday life extends their persona and promotes easy use. Pool size and shape create formality or a sculptural blending to nature. Adding amenities such as whirlpools, slides, spray jets, volleyball nets, and basketball hoops appeals to multiple generations.

Combining water features with fire brings two basic elements together in poetic tension. Water unites us with nature. We are intrinsically drawn to water and when integrated into our home, water gives us a sense of inner connection to our world.