Architecture Interiors



Deep River Partners continues to lead the project through the construction phase including move-in and warranty administration. Acting as your Representative, we provide streamlined communication that tends to all of your needs.

Our performance of detailed site observations at critical bench marks ensures that your home is being built according to the project documents. Assisting the contractors in interpreting two dimensional documents into the build reality is a high priority during this phase.

Contractor submittals are required and reviewed by our architectural and interior team to protect the design intent and quality levels specified. We review all requests for change from the contractors, spear heading conflict resolution in a professional and fair manner. Deep River monitors and reviews all payment requests, checking work completion and document compliance. We perform punch list and close out procedures in a thorough and orderly fashion. Your financial interests are secure with our in-depth review.

Deep River’s involvement during construction creates a smooth transition from documentation and contracts to the completion of your new home, complete with furniture, furnishings and art, ready for your move-in.