Architecture Interiors



In discovery, our goal is to gain a firm understanding of you – your daily routines, what brings you joy, and how you live. We listen carefully to obtain a clear picture of who you are and how to help you flourish. We uncover site opportunity and the spirit of your location. Through a series of two discovery sessions we identify the project goals. The first focuses primarily on the site, the architectural style and the spatial components. The second focuses on spatial functions and requirements, interior themes and color/material preferences. While guiding you along this path, the essence of you and a vision of the project are revealed. We begin to see how your new design will encourage you to flourish.

To prepare for this journey some bring a blank page and an open mind. Many people gather pictures that appeal to them. Yet others explore internet sites such as Houzz,  Pinterest and Chairish where you can create and collect your own idea books. There are many techniques that work to begin guiding you through the journey of discovery that will lead us to fulfilling your wishes for your new home.

To complete the discovery, we provide survey and soil analysis procurement, site analysis, code research and existing structure documentation. With our complete assessment, we are equipped to create a design vision that is an accurate reflection of you, a design that requires little modification and one that moves efficiently into the next phase of design.