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At Deep River Partners, we use technology to make our homes function and feel better.

Posted On March 10, 2014

At Deep River Partners, technology is integrated in a seamless way that allows the design theme to speak without distraction and clutter. Functionality and ease of use, without sacrificing aesthetics, are the highest priority.

In our California residence, automated sliding glass walls and a hidden TV were integrated into the dining room to allow the space to flow outside onto the terrace and open the home to the sweeping landscape.  For spaces like a bedroom where technology is part of the design aesthetic instead of a hidden element, automated sun shades can also add to the interior design of the room.  In the Guest Suite, the sun shades were designed to match the soft textures and cool colors of the room, and the automated sliding glass doors reveal the beautiful landscape beyond.

Palm Desert Erhard Final 5-1-10 006

Deep River Partners also uses technology to innovate and incorporate all of our clients desires into the home of their dreams.  Because of our holistic approach to interior design and architecture, we have the ability to design every element of a home from custom wall and ceiling systems to custom-made furniture and light fixtures.  In our Lake Michigan home, a custom Master Bedroom ensemble was designed and fabricated to house a pop-up TV.  For this Master Suite, the TV disappears when not in use to reveal sweeping views of Lake Michigan.

17 Master Suite w-TV


At Deep River Partners, we incorporate the latest proven methods in technology integration, including lighting control, audio/visual and automation so you don’t have to.

To explore more projects with integrated technology, see a Rooftop Condominium with dramatic and innovative lighting, and a family-oriented Home Theater.  To learn more about how and when technology is integrated in the Design Pathway at Deep River, view our Planning Phase.