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Deep River Partners hosts Power House Smart Symposium

Posted On May 22, 2014

Deep River Partners teamed up with Klein Lighting to deliver an educational seminar on architectural lighting for PowerHouse SMART and it’s members.  Networking with leaders in the architecture, design and building community was followed by a presentation given by Steve Klein of Klein Lighting.  Get a glimpse into this PowerHouse SMART session here.

PowerHouse SMART is the only networking & education community for leaders in all areas of luxury design-build: luxury home construction, premium commercial development, and blue-chip real estate.  PowerHouse SMART and it’s members work to facilitate new relationships, bringing opportunities for growth and new business.

Klein Lighting has been creating ethereal moments in architecture since 1978 and is a trusted colleague of Deep River Partners.  Steve Klein offers an indispensable expertise in technical lighting design that manipulates perception and redefines spaces.

For over 30 years, Deep River Partners has collaborated with Klein Lighting to create transformative environments through the use of architecturally-integrated lighting.  To explore some of these transformative environments designed by Deep River Partners & Klein Lighting, view this California Residence,  Rooftop Condominium, and Lake Michigan beachfront getaway.

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