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Deep River Featured on HGTV New Year’s Day at 5 p.m.

Posted On December 29, 2018

Set your DVRs – Deep River Partners is making a SPLASH on New Year’s Day at 5 p.m. CST. Tune to HGTV and watch Pool in My House, a Deep River designed home in Wisconsin!

Deep River’s Founder and CEO, Richard Sherer featured architect

Posted On January 4, 2018

Deep River Partners Founder and CEO, Richard Sherer was recently featured in The Best 16 Architects in the Chicago Area.

Nature Lovers

Posted On November 20, 2015

Looking to update your bathroom?  Check out’s article Bathroom Trends Splashing Down in 2016″.  Trend #4 features Deep River’s innovative use of natural materials.

BDT - DR #10

Entertain Your Guests in Style

Posted On June 5, 2015

Timber-Hill-Exterior-02A few helpful tips when entertaining outdoors…

  • Lighting.  Whether entertaining on your patio during the day or at night, lighting is key.  Ambiance can easily be created by adding candles or strings of lights.  Instead of traditional white lights, try red or blue to set the mood.
  • Décor. Adding vases of flowers or fresh plants sporadically throughout your entertainment space will liven up any area.  Having different arrangements of the same or similar color schemes will tie it all together.
  • Music. Instead of choosing a radio station or putting a mix on repeat, go for the iPod shuffle or turn on your favorite Pandora station.  Set the music loud enough to hear yet soft enough so people can engage in quiet conversation.
  • Food.  Creating the right dishes is key.  Keep it simple and stick to dishes you love. Chances are your guests will love them too.  If you like trying new recipes, prepare it in advance of the party to try it first as opposed to having your guests be your taste testers.
  • Relax.  Don’t spend your time worrying about everything being perfect.  The best hosts know when to be in the kitchen versus spending plenty of time with their guests.  Remember, although everyone will enjoy the lighting, décor, music and food, ultimately, they came to see you.

Artistic Solutions:
High Rise Living

Posted On April 29, 2015

  • So many people don’t realize the potential that rooftops can have. They are an undiscovered treasure that can give its owners dramatic and expansive views while preserving their privacy.

    Rooftops are a wonderful blank slate for architects and designers. So many different structures can be installed on them — terraces, gardens, apartments, houses, entertainment spaces — the sky is literally the limit.

    Designing a rooftop unit is a wonderful challenge. Square footage is at a premium and consideration has to be made for all sorts of details like storage space or seasonal weather changes. The most important thing, of course, is ensuring that each room gets the best view possible.

    One of the biggest misconceptions about rooftop homes is that they are intrinsically ultra-modern, cold, and aloof spaces. In reality, with the right designer, rooftop homes can be as warm and welcoming as you want them to be.

    Be inspired to create your own high rise habitat when you peruse some of Deep River’s most recent rooftop projects.

Artistic Solutions: Create Your Recreation Destination at Home With Your own Pool

Posted On April 7, 2015

  • When it comes to designing your home, including a pool is so much more than just adding a body of water. A pool can deeply affect the atmosphere and mood of your home. It can be a place of relaxation, fun, entertainment, and serenity.

    Designing the right pool is truly an art – a perfect blend of form and function. The best pools provide a variety of experiences, incorporating the fluidity and playfulness of water into the design while keeping it accessible for all ages. It can just as easily act as your home spa getaway as it can be an entertainment space for your friends and family.

    Take a look at our latest indoor pool project and be inspired to create your own in-home recreation destination.

    Enjoy The Most Exotic Pools On Earth

Our client’s interests are the main priority. Read what they have to say.

Posted On January 13, 2014

“The competitive bidding process, used by Deep River, allowed us to achieve excellent value without sacrificing quality.  We are very appreciative of the cost savings we attained using Deep River Partners.  Our risk was minimized during the construction process by having all of the selections completed up front, eliminating allowances and unknown costs.”

Jim O’Rourke, CEO A&A Manufacturing

Read more about our client experiences while working with the creative team at Deep River Partners, and learn more about the advantages of Competitive Bidding.

O'rourke Complete Photos - 03.16.07 111

“Epic: Beach Homes” showcases lake home by Deep River Partners

Posted On November 11, 2013

Deep River Partners is very excited to announce that the Destination America channel featured our Lake Michigan Residence during an episode of their “Epic: Beach Homes” series.  Deep River’s Richard Sherer was on hand during filming, along with the homeowners, to tell the story of how this Epic Beach Home was designed and built.

Timber Hill - Great Room 02

Timber Hill - Exterior 02

Best-of-the-Best: Deep River Partners, Ltd wins Sub Zero Regional Award

Posted On October 30, 2013

Deep River Partners is very excited to announce that our Rooftop Condominium project was selected as the winner of Sub Zero’s Regional Best-of the-Best Award in May.  As one of fifty-four winners in a field of 1,600 entries, the Deep River Partners design team traveled to Madison for the awards ceremony where they met designers and architects from across the globe.  It is an honor to be part of a design competition that features extremely talented professionals.  Our kitchen design utilizes modern materials, clean lines and the best cooking and refrigeration products from Sub Zero-Wolf.


Designing this Rooftop Condominium presents a unique set of challenges that Deep River Partners has a reputation for overcoming.  The architects and designers at Deep River Partners have brought rooftop living to new heights, finding increased value for our clients.

To learn more about another Penthouse Condominium that takes full advantage of living on top, check out High Rise Living.

Deep River Partners selected for Design Excellence Award

Posted On October 30, 2013

Residential Design & Build Magazine selected Deep River Partner’s Tuscan Residence as it’s winner for Custom Home More than 7000 Sq. ft.  The Design Excellence Award is given out annually and represents the best residential projects throughout the country.  Due to the high level of competition and range of architectural styles entered each year, the judging panel tends to focus on leadership in design and collaboration to produce creative solutions.

Tuscan Residence - Front Courtyard

Tuscan Residence - Foyer

 For this project, collaboration was a key element in creating such a custom, unique home.  DRP worked closely with craftsmen, structural consultants, landscape designers and lighting experts to give our clients their dream home, a true Tuscan Villa.  To learn more about Tuscan design, explore Tuscan Residence and Lake Drive – Tuscan Residence.