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Entertain Your Guests in Style

Posted On June 5, 2015

Timber-Hill-Exterior-02A few helpful tips when entertaining outdoors…

  • Lighting.  Whether entertaining on your patio during the day or at night, lighting is key.  Ambiance can easily be created by adding candles or strings of lights.  Instead of traditional white lights, try red or blue to set the mood.
  • Décor. Adding vases of flowers or fresh plants sporadically throughout your entertainment space will liven up any area.  Having different arrangements of the same or similar color schemes will tie it all together.
  • Music. Instead of choosing a radio station or putting a mix on repeat, go for the iPod shuffle or turn on your favorite Pandora station.  Set the music loud enough to hear yet soft enough so people can engage in quiet conversation.
  • Food.  Creating the right dishes is key.  Keep it simple and stick to dishes you love. Chances are your guests will love them too.  If you like trying new recipes, prepare it in advance of the party to try it first as opposed to having your guests be your taste testers.
  • Relax.  Don’t spend your time worrying about everything being perfect.  The best hosts know when to be in the kitchen versus spending plenty of time with their guests.  Remember, although everyone will enjoy the lighting, décor, music and food, ultimately, they came to see you.