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Artistic Solutions:
High Rise Living

Posted On April 29, 2015

  • So many people don’t realize the potential that rooftops can have. They are an undiscovered treasure that can give its owners dramatic and expansive views while preserving their privacy.

    Rooftops are a wonderful blank slate for architects and designers. So many different structures can be installed on them — terraces, gardens, apartments, houses, entertainment spaces — the sky is literally the limit.

    Designing a rooftop unit is a wonderful challenge. Square footage is at a premium and consideration has to be made for all sorts of details like storage space or seasonal weather changes. The most important thing, of course, is ensuring that each room gets the best view possible.

    One of the biggest misconceptions about rooftop homes is that they are intrinsically ultra-modern, cold, and aloof spaces. In reality, with the right designer, rooftop homes can be as warm and welcoming as you want them to be.

    Be inspired to create your own high rise habitat when you peruse some of Deep River’s most recent rooftop projects.